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Sold in Pinellas County!

Wow, this listing was such an incredible joy to work on. A wonderful and hard working family who has been saving lives left and right in the healthcare industry during the pandemic is celebrating hard right now! They purchased this home just 4 years ago and are now ready to upgrade and spread out a bit. After only 4 years and minimal investment in upgrades they were able to sell their home and walk away with over $80k in profits! Since they lived in it for a minimum of 2 years as their homestead they are able to keep this money for their family without paying income tax on it. HONESTLY, tell me a better way to add $80k to your savings in 4 years?? Ill wait...

This family could not be more deserving and I am SO happy to have been a part of this journey. The showings were many, the offers came in quick, the appraisal came in OVER market value by a hair giving them the best valuation in their neighborhood, and closing day came right on time. Congratulations Jen and Joey on this incredible return on investment, I can't wait for the housewarming party at the new place!!

Homeownership is truly the best way to invest for your family. You can put very little down, and every year watch your investment grow more and more fruitful. If you're curious what your home is worth, even after only a couple of years living there, I can help! (813) 924-5333

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